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Our network

Our network of participating journalists consists of 13 people in 6 different time zones. If you are a journalist and you want to join our network, please contact us by using our contact form behind the link below.

Society 'The Lantern'

Our online Society ‘The Lantern’ is an online meeting point (Jitsi meeting) which gathers every last Sunday of the month, 15:00 (3 pm) GMT+1 (after ‘De Lantaern’ Rotterdam, hotspot for Early Enlightenment idea’s around 1680). These are informal meetings with an invited defender of a short thesis, such as “It is a cross-cultural constant that people want to enjoy ‘liberty of play and personal opinions’; therefore tolerance is a vital value for human beings”.

Please send your request to put your name on the guest list by using the guest list form below.

(Picture on the right (or above on mobile): View on the old physical location of ‘The Lantern’ before and after the WW-II bombing of the city of Rotterdam (May 1940))

Muthuri Kathure

Muthuri Kathure is a Human Rights Lawyer, Campaigner and Public Policy Expert based in Kenya.
Interest areas: Civic Space and Tech, Law & Society.

Moira Donovan

Moira Donovan is an independent longform journalist and documentary producer from Halifax Canada, with a focus on the environment, climate change and justice.

Mariya Romanova

Mariya Romanova studied International Relations and European Studies. She is based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She works as editor at The Village Kazakhstan and Batyr Jamal.

Iryna Matviyishyn

Iryna Matviyishyn MA is an Ukrainian journalist, producer, video reporter. She is connected to The Kyev Independent and studied at the Global Campus of Human Rights.

Vikas Yadav

Vikas Yadav is an Indian journalist based in Uttar Pradesh, working in the field of development and journalism.

Jane Mwangi

Jane Mwangi is a Kenyan journalist based in Nairobi with a history in working for broadcast media. Passionate in Radio and T.V with diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

Aleksander Palikot

Aleksander Palikot is a Kyev based journalist working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Gloria (Amaka) Ibesi

Gloria (Amaka) Ibesi is journalist, researcher and critical thinker. She works at Fides Media Limited, a book and periodical publishing company Nigeria.

Esmée Schilte

Esmée Schilte is researcher and writer. She studied philosophy and history and works in France. 
Book publication: Human rights on the move. Privacy, climate change and the international legal order. Nieuw Amsterdam, June 2014 (co-author). Discussion of the idea of human rights, both historically and in a broad contemporary perspective. Dozen interviews with leading scientists and practitioners.

Paul Hošek

Paul Hošek is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and producer. Throughout his career he has produced documentaries for the Dutch Public Broadcast, EMI, Sony, the Smithsonian Museum and the United Nations Geneve. He has worked with many experimental filmmakers, such as Frans Zwartjes, Raoul Raiz and Sonia Herman Dolz. Paul Hošek has won national and international prizes like the first prize for documentary at the Tribecca Filmfestival, New York, and first prize for International Televisision Golden Prague, Czech Republic.

Caroline Dijk

Caroline Dijk MA is a Dutch journalist who works for the Dutch Public Broadcast. As an independent journalist she has written several books – amongst which a book on Pierre Bayle life in Rotterdam – and made long feature radio documentaries. She directed several program series and long feature documentaries for Dutch television.

Hans van Dam

Hans van Dam MA is a philosophy teacher and freelance journalist who worked for ‘Rotterdams Dagblad’ and Rotterdam TV.
He now works as independent researcher, and also as content creator and live stream producer for various cultural institutions and international festivals.

Where you can stay

When you personally want to join the second week of one of our workshops you can book a room or apartment where you can stay during the second week of our workshop. All the rooms we can offer our situated in the neighbourhood of our workshop space and near to the centre of town.

Our workshops

For the second part of 2023 (from August on) we have two workshops in our program about the next two subjects.

– Human Rights in Perspective
From cultural relativism to Future Practice

– Who owns our language?
A perspective on human language and its extension to Artificial Intelligence.

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