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Our Research on Meta-Journalism

The Pierre Bayle Institute is a foundation dedicated to research and education at the intersection of journalism and philosophy. Our research in this field encompasses practical results that can be found under key terms such as "meta-journalism," "metajournalism," or "meta journalism."

Our approach to this field does not create tension between the two respected practices of journalism and philosophy. Just as a philosopher has their opinions about language, imagination, and truth from within a particular school of thought, so too does a journalist. Both the journalist and philosopher must express themselves in a language mediated by the media. The main difference between the two is that a journalist typically uses a more common language to express their opinions within a specific, hidden framework, whereas a philosopher uses a more esoteric language that is often used to defend a particular framework or school of thought. Therefore, in a philosophical discussion, the framework is (or should be) always present. Our goal is to bring journalism and philosophy practices closer together.

Our objective is to develop a sensibility for journalists to handle the challenges posed by different (philosophical) frameworks or schools, and, above all, their practical implications for how language, imagination, and reality may function in a shared, common world.

At the same time, we want to develop a philosophical language that demystifies the various esoteric languages of philosophy without creating a new system or philosophical school. This is a delicate balance between what we can and cannot know about the world we live in. Philosophy is not about providing answers to questions but rather about posing questions to answers.

But at the crossing point of philosophy and journalism we cannot rest within a naïve ‘state of puzzlement’ (aporíā). Therefore, balancing between what we can know and what we cannot know, we eleborate our vision of a philosophical view on Academic Skepticism and Phyrrhonian Skepticism, to get a clear view on the metamodernism of Seth Abramson. Our goal is to articulate a clear and distinct’ philosophical stance for a new edifice of meaning, important for the profession of meta-journalism.

Therefore, our approach is one of limited and open thinking, within a tradition of mutual respect and tolerance without the confines of a dogmatic school, but with a clear stance on what limited and open thinking can be in a philosophical sense and why we need such a stance in a changing world overloaded with intolerance and disorder.

“I claim to have a legitimate vocation to oppose the progress of superstitions, visions and popular credulity.”

"Je prétens avoir une vocation legitime pour m'opposer aux progrès des superstitions, des visions et de la crédulité populaire ."

Pierre Bayle in “La Cabale Chimérique”

Pierre Bayle
Philosopher of Rotterdam