Your Stay in Rotterdam

Join our planned Workshops personally

Where you can stay

When you personally want to join the second week of one of our workshops you can book a room or apartment where you can stay during this second week. All the rooms we can offer our situated in the neighborhood of our workshop space and near to the centre of town.

Your stay in Rotterdam

The rooms and apartments are owned by partners  of the Pierre Bayle Institute.

Your stay in Rotterdam

What else to do

You can do a variety of tours to discover what is left of the history of Rotterdam and discover the contemprory architecture.

And you can also tour the contemporary art scene of Rotterdam. (Below a picture of the artist Enno de Kroon, famous for his ‘egg cubism’).

Our workshops

For the second part of 2023 (from August on) we have two workshops in our program about the next two subjects.

– Human Rights in Perspective
From cultural relativism to Future Practice

– Who owns our language?
A perspective on human language and its extension to Artificial Intelligence.

Enno de Kroon

Your stay in Rotterdam